October 4, 2013

About Us

National Construction Cleaners has been the “contractor’s choice” in providing detailed construction cleaning services worldwide for the past 25 years. Our unique formula of pre-tendering bid projects and following up with exact precision cleaning systems has led us to be the contractors “gold standard” in final construction cleaning. Additionally, our very popular guarantee pre-tendering “not to exceed” pricing cannot be matched by anyone else in the industry.

Communication is one of the keys to any successful contracting project. Our highly skilled Field Managers have been trained to not only follow up with our quality control obligations, but to work closely with their field counterparts. In doing this, we find communication between both parties are at their highest level, thus eliminating any possible field directive breakdown. When our managers can anticipate problems before they happen and take measures to avoid them, we save time and money for both parties.

Each regional office handles estimating, management backup, and all needed field support 24 hours a day. With this geographical coverage, we ensure that all of our national general contractor clients can rely on the same quality and service standards, regardless of where in the country they are working.